"I have never been to any type of workshop before, and I was super nervous. Truth be told, I almost backed out at the last minute. Now, after going and experiencing Skye’s workshop, I would be soooo upset had I not gone. The lesson part of Skye’s workshop was literal life-changing because of the message of empowerment and how we truly have all the power in our story. I’ve already read my notes several times."

Ocean Drive Photo Pt. 1

"I’ve already read my notes several times because I feel I need the reminder! The photoshoot part of the workshop was nothing short of dreamy. The models, the dresses, the venue. All of it. I can’t say enough about what a special experience Skye’s workshop was and its impact on how I’m approaching my business moving forward. Thank you, Skye, for being real and courageous and sharing yourself with us. I know we’ll cross paths again."

Ocean Drive Photo Pt. 2

I'm unsure of where to begin on my experience. I was not prepared for experiencing such honesty from a photographer who I have admired for years. I was not expecting to find so much out about myself. I appreciate more than you know how much you opened up to us. Not only the self value but when you went into detail about your body. For years I have mistreated my own. I can't wait to get healed from my destructive habits and start treating myself the way I expect others to treat me."

C. Smith

After feeling stuck and burned out, I was thrilled to have the chance to attend! It was great to be able to ask questions in such a personal environment. I left Dallas with images I cannot wait to edit, a plethora of things I will be incorporating into my business, a list of great book recs, great sourcing ideas, some lovely new friends and the determination to make myself "a welcome place for creativity to rest."

N. Styles

My first workshop of yours was life-changing in its own way, this workshop was different, you were different. You poured your heart into every word you spoke. You want the best for your attendees/fellow photographers and it’s so evident. At this workshop, I learned more about me, my heart and my soul, and what really matters when it comes to running my business. The real, raw stuff. Heard some hard truths, which definitely needed to be heard. Skye, you are such a beautiful person

P. Bonner (2nd Workshop)

"I came into this workshop knowing full well just how much my creativity and inspiration needed it. What I didn't expect to realize, was just how much my heart and soul needed it more. Thank you for filling my cup when I needed it. Thank you for your vulnerability and willingness to open up and touch hearts on a deeper level. And thank you for allowing me a space to find love in what I do again. Every tiny detail of this event was thought out. This was my first workshop, but not my last."

N. Kubrock

"This was my first photography workshop, and far exceeded anything I could have imagined. There is not one detail forgotten from the models, the sets, the snacks and meals, swag, and even the overall culture of the workshop. I have never experienced a setting that I have felt more accepted, vulnerable and ready to grow and learn. Skye does such an amazing job setting expectations and providing a safe place to learn. I hope to attend another soon!"

J. Bernatz

"Skye and the attendees were just what my soul needed. Thank you for surrendering your fears and bearing your heart. When you spoke, it was like you were in my head, which was jolting but also comforting and forced me to see some hard truths. Glad to know I’m not alone in this chaos. I’m thankful that I walked away feeling fulfilled, understood, and with a tribe of strong women who I consider friends."

A. Lombardozzi

"I had the best time at the workshop. I loved day one and really needed to hear everything you touched base on more than I thought I needed to. I was able to carry some of those things with me and work on myself. I enjoyed the styled shoots so much! It allowed me to be more creative and get out of my normal. I was so worried and anxious about this workshop and meeting new people. Little did I know I would make friends and learn from them as well. This was such a great experience!"

C. Spinks

"This was exactly what I needed! I was in a funk kinda lonely from Covid not being around people and being secluded really had me rethinking photography, so when I saw Skye was having a workshop I was so excited to sign up! Honestly, the best thing to happen in 2021! The positivity that I gained from Skye was truly beautiful, I felt like the honesty and openness were truly the best! I would highly recommend going to any of her workshops."

C. Meldahl

"Skye has been my favorite photographer for at least a decade. I've dreamt of attending one of her workshops but never thought it would happen. I'm so thankful the stars aligned and I was blessed to attend. I've struggled to find my place in photography and many times I give up, only to pick it up again months later. For the first time ever, I feel like I can do the style I want and say no to everything else. Skye has an unmatched talent for styling her subjects and combining that with amazing location."

C. Myers

"For the first time in my life I caught myself saying to myself "I have the talent". I've spent my entire life feeling like I was sub-par and I finally feel like I'm finding my style. I feel like I've grown so much over the last 6 months and I feel like I can really succeed. I owe much of it to Skye Hardwick and all of the other attendees I met at the 2 workshops I attended. I've spent my entire life with a huge creative mental block and I finally feel like it's being unlocked."

S. Hall

"I am still waiting for my feet to touch the ground! I had a blast at the workshop learning, observing, shooting and soaking it all in. The workshop was a perfect combination of inspiration, discussion, peer support, beautiful location, gorgeous light and amazing models. I came out of the workshop with a stronger knowledge of posing and how to work with children. My confidence grew tremendously with the hands-on experience."

A. Dobrenski

"I attended several of Skye's workshops. So much to love. The education, styling, beautiful locations... all so valuable to any photographer. But I have to say the absolute best part is the connections made. I have made dear friends for life, the least of which are Skye & Gary. That... I will never forget."

L. Weaver

"You and your business have poured so much into me and mine over the years. From the moment I was first introduced to your workbook, and I was able to read your words on self-worth/worthiness, I felt a shift happening. I credit you and the wisdom and encouragement you have imparted to me. A big part of the growing I have done in my own life is due to your workshops and the good teaching I got on the important stuff."

A. Hankins

"Thank you for an amazing experience at the Sweetlight Collective Workshop.
The entire two day course was such a treat for me! Your workshop was not only filled with enough photoshoots to help me build & update my portfolio, it was also very informative, I learned a lot about lighting and how to use it to my advantage, I was able to meet other like-minded photographers who’s businesses were in different stages that I could connect with from the experiences I’ve had."

C. Apking

"The workshop was a fantastic experience, perfectly planned, incredibly creative, wonderfully staffed as well as, educational and informative. It was filled with not just basic knowledge but a personal warmth from Skye, her family, the stylist and assistants, and the talented models. It was like someone hired me to soak in tons of tips and take home beautiful images along with a wealth of new business and technical knowledge."

M. Jurisich

"A phenomenal experience! I have been following Skye's work for years and I finally was able to attend one of her workshops. Great communication since before the workshop. Such a wonderful trip, with amazing accommodations, and food. The workshop was a great learning experience. I enjoy her presentation, amazing location, models, dresses, and props. I was able to capture several incredibly beautiful images. I was able to meet awesome photographers who provided advice, shared ideas, and laugh with me."

M. Giovanna

"Thank you for boosting up my skills, knowledge, and abilities as a photographer. The location provided beautiful natural lighting both indoors and outdoors. Absolutely gorgeous models, of various ages and appearances, who were able to create an amazing intimate workflow. I learned to break through the glass ceiling with creativity and soul searching. A tremendous investment for any photographer, at any level. So much valuable information provided, it was worth every cent!"

R. Sailsbery

"I signed up for Skye's Texas workshop immediately following a CA workshop she did because I just KNEW I had to experience another one!! It was my first time traveling solo, and it was SO completely worth it. The location she chose for the workshop was absolutely gorgeous & she had two full days planned out for us, which included a lot of learning & quite a bit of hands-on shooting as well! The pace of the workshop was perfect."

K. Mills

"This was my first two day workshop I have ever attended. I was completely excited when my hubby gave me the money, looked me in the eye and said I believe in you honey Go learn and have fun and that is exactly what I did. Skye and her Amazing team made it such a comfortable environment for us. Skye by far is a creative genius! Since i have been home I hit the ground running setting up styled shoots! Thank you from the bottom of my heart it was worth every penny and more!"

K. Davis

"The Workshop was simply, AMAZING! My confidence as a photographer has flourished. I signed up because needed help posing children. Skye told us how to interact with children, how to talk to them, how to pose them, but now we got to do it hands on, by ourselves! I loved being able to talk with each child model and pose them how I envisioned. I honestly want to come back to any workshop that Skye has! This experience was seriously an amazing opportunity! Definitely worth the plane ticket from Canada!"

J. Neilson

"Your workshop was the very first workshop I’d ever been too. My first step in the right direction after I decided college wasn’t for me. You set the bar so high at that workshop. I learned so much about the business, the art and about myself. I grew so much confidence in my work those two days. Then when we were eating dinner after the shootout in SC and you said you didn’t go to school for photography, it gave me hope that maybe I can make it to and that maybe I made the right decision."

P. Bonner (1st Workshop)

"This was my first workshop ever and one I will surely never forget! I was in need of some creative inspiration and boy did I get that and so much more. I left this amazing southern workshop full of inspiration and a new deeper love for photography. Skye and her whole family were the sweetest from the moment we arrived and I enjoyed every part of this unbelievable workshop... from beautiful stylized set ups with gorgeous models, to listening to Skye and learning from her!"

B. Albritton

"The Workshop was amazing from beginning to end and would recommend ANYONE. Learn how to edit in a different way, learn how to be more comfortable in being a photographer. I didn't go there expecting to shoot/edit exactly like you as you have years of experience, but I did come back knowing much more than I did before and I am SO happy with what I've learned."

B. Larson

"Skye, thank you so much for two amazing days! It was magical! Your attention to detail made ALL the difference to any other workshop/ shootout. The models were beautiful and the location was perfection! I can't wait to attend more of your workshops. You inspired me so much!"

Monica B.

"Thanks so much Skye! Wanted to thank you again for hosting this event, everything was thought through so well I absolutely loved the models and all of your styling.
This is something I would have never done but I am so glad I came. Everyone was so welcoming and the group of ladies were just amazing. You should be so proud of the people you attract it says a lot about you and your work."

R. Mason Photo